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Life Insurance can Help : Support your family's expenses, pay off your debts and loans (if any), Cover Child's Education Expenses, Pay for big expenses like marriage, Replace Income for your Depends, Create an inheritance for your Heirs, To reduce your income - Tax liability, Create a source of loan term saving. Feel free to contact Best LIC Insurance Agent Ahmed @ 9966217344
THUMB RULES OF FINANCIAL PLANNING. 1. 30% Income must be used for monthly living expenses. 2. 30% Income must be used for Liabilities Repayments, if any.... 3. 30% Income must be SAVED & INVESTED for your future living. 4. 10% Income must be spared for ENTERTAINMENTS, VACATIONS. 5. 6 Months expenses must be available for EMERGENCY FUND. (Invested in LIQUID FUND, FD Etc). 6. HOME LOAN must be taken on Husband and Wife's name. (Both can get benefits on Home Loan Tax Benefits). 7. Have joint account @ Bank Savings Account. 8. Property must be registered on both Husband and wife name. 9. Only in Insurance policy, Claims payable to Nominee. In other financial instruments legal heirs certificate is must to get back the settlement. 10. Insurance as per HLV is a must to financially secure future of your dependents..... For your Financial Planning just give me a call 📞, Ahmed Financial Solutions, LIC Agent. Mobile : 9966217344 Email :
Reasons to buy Life Insurance : * It gives financial security, * It increases saving habit when you pay premium regularly and timely, * It gives satisfaction that your hard earned money is completely safe, * Incase of death, your family members will not have to depend on anyone, * Your Retirement life will be comfortable and will be Independent too, *You don't have to worry about Children's Education and Marriage expenses in your absence. "LIFE INSURANCE IS THE GREATEST EXPRESSION OF LOVE TOWARDS YOUR FAMILY" To Protect your Family 👪, give me a call, Ahmed Financial Solutions, LIC Agent, Mobile : 9966217344 Email
5 Important things to know about LIC BONUS........ 1. What is Bonus? When LIC makes a profit, it distributes a part of it to its policy holders and this is called Bonus. 2. Who is eligible? Only "participatory" policies qualify for Bonus. 3. How is it Calculated? Bonus is declared as a certain amount per Rs. 1000 sum assured for your policy. 4. Revisionary Bonus The bonus gets declared every year and accumulated till maturity. 5. Final Additional Bonus This is a one Bonus declared at the time of maturity or death.
LIFE INSURANCE Life insurance is that kind of property which neither can be burnt, nor can sink in water, which neither can be stolen, nor can be destroyed by an earthquake. 1. DEATH 2. LIC ADVISOR Are the two who keep chasing you. Death is certain and will come one day. But those are lucky who are approached by an LIC ADVISOR before DEATH. It's your Life, your Decision.... For LIC best Policy contact : Ahmed Financial Solutions, LIC Insurance Agent Mobile : 9966217344 Email :